Foodie Gathering: Tortillas a la Tex Mex

So I continue with my Tex-Mex delights, I used to buy tortillas because I had no idea how to make them. Then Sylvia was making them and I was so happy, knowing that now I could actually start making them from scratch. For my gluten intolerant friend’s just substitute the flour with maize meal. The texture is different when you pre-cook the maize meal.


tortillas 5


1. 4 table spoons of vegetable oil/ fat or any solidified oil you prefer
2. 4 cups of flour
3. 2 tsps of baking powder
4. 2 tsps of salt
5. 1.5 cups of warm water


1. Combine all the dry ingredients

wheat tortilla 2

Mix it dry

2. Add the vegetable oil
3. Add warm water slowly until the dry mixture becomes dough

tortilla dough
4. Knead dough till smooth
5. Set aside and cover for 10 minutes
6. Put the dough into balls

tortilla mc 3

Tortilla Dough

7. Roll them flat with a rolling pin

tortilla mc

Tortilla Rolled

8. Heat a frying pan
9. Cook tortillas about a minute per side

There you go, easy and doable. I got a little help from Sylvia to get the dough rolled. Mine do not come out perfect. You can have this with guacamole, salsa, meat or veges. Whatever you prefer.

Disfrutar as they say in Spanish

Have a fabulous weekend.


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