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Travel Thursday: There’s More To Kenya Than Athletes and Safari’s — Nandi Hills

You know how I have been saying I love East Africa? Kenya is one of my favourite countries for obvious reasons. I spent part of my life there and learnt to appreciate different aspects of it. When travelling there, I always want to visit unique places depending on the duration I stay. Kenya did so well in Beijing at the IAAF championships that it would be a shame not to mention…

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Wild Berry Banana Merger

I have fond memories of picking berries during the summers I spent in Finland, as a child and occasionally as a teen. It meant getting together with my mum,…


Thanks for dropping by my site! I am a #digital nomad and spend my time between two continents. I love taking pictures, visiting new places and revisiting places in…


Getting to Kenya

Arriving in Kenya : If you’re flying in or booking online tickets to Nairobi ( the capital of Kenya). Be sure to ensure that the initials are NBO. Also…